I’m still getting asked to select a connection now and then when I browse the internet, which means the culprit isn’t Flash as I had thought. It may be Firefox, or the web pages themselves incorrectly communicating with my computer. Whatever, now I think I have stopped it by selecting ‘Never dial a connection’ in the internet settings. Hopefully this irritation will stop now.

I thought that my DVD drive was dodgy, in that it takes ages to load a DVD, sometimes not even recognising them. I purchased a USB drive from Amazon quite cheaply, and recently the same thing happened again. The disc spun and spun but did not load. This leads me to conclude that either the discs themselves are faulty – highly unlikely seeing as they played no problem on another computer – or Vista itself is the problem. It could be an early update – it’s not unknown for codecs or updates to cause havoc – as the problem has been going on for quite a while. And it’s only DVDs. CDs and data DVDs from Computer Magazines load without a hitch and have never given problems. But tracking down the update – if it is Vista – is going to be practically impossible.