So I’m Holiday for the Easter weekend, making it a long weekend from Thursday to Tuesday. Friday involved sleeping in and lazing around all morning then helping a friend dump rubbish at the local council dump, then off into town to look around and spend some money I don’t have. I bought Homicide by David Simon  a while back and slowly ploughed through it and I was glad to see its’ companion volume, The Corner, is now available, so I snaffled that up from Waterstone’s in a three for two. Like the other book it is a massive tome, so it will probably take me a few weeks to get through it: this is the sort of book for which a perfect reading companion is a volume of short stories. I don’t have one at the moment but there are still a few stories in the recent issue of Interzone I’ve yet to read.

Broadband is getting irritating. I have to turn the router on before I turn the laptop on otherwise I get two networks both of which give local access only. Restarting the computer makes it work, giving only one network, but I don’t want to restart the computer every time I want to go on the net. And I don’t want to leave the router on twenty four seven in case someone tries to break into it. Not very likely I know but still a threat. I only have the router on – and thankfully it’s a router which has an on off button – when I use it. I think the problem stems from a recent Visa update but I can’t be sure: a month or so ago I had problems with my phone when the broadband was fine. Now it seems the phone is fine but the broadband is niggley. Perhaps the engineer poked around too much and disturbed something to do with the broadband. he did insist they were separate and one couldn’t affect the other. Not that I believe anything anyone says.