I’ve had little success turning the ghost image of my old computer into a virtual hard disk for use on my laptop under Microsoft Virtual PC. Another old desktop was no problem: but that was Windows 98 and a really old version of Ghost running under Dos which gave very few problems.

So I create a new virtual machine, repartition a drive and create a new partition and copy the Ghost files over. All goes well and I use the Norton Ghost disk to boot the virtual machine. It’s slow but eventually boots up and after a few clicks I’ve selected the Ghost files and it’s writing these to the newly created drive.

It takes about forty minutes. It even reaches one hundred percent.

Then it gives an error.

I thought it had worked this time but, as the villain says, foiled again. Thing is I never took a note of the error, so miffed was I that everything was spoiled at the very last. I may try it again and take a note of the error number then consult the Norton Ghost website.