One of may favourite authors and today I got a book ordered via Amazon. I also found out it is a limited edition of 1,000 copies, which is a nice surprise. (Both Bob Shaw and Terry Carr were GoH at the convention and they shared the book half and half) I knew it was published specifically for a convention but didn’t know it was limited: even more so as the 1,000 was divided into 250 signed and slip-cased and the rest as normal. They had two different ISBN numbers. The book came shrink wrapped with the ISBN sticker on the outside. It probably would be worth more if I had left it as is but I did buy it to read. I haven’t read any Terry Carr works although I do have a few books he has edited; Best SF of the year and a couple of Universe anthologies. I’m looking forward to going through the two books as soon as. I’m halfway through David Simon’s the Corner at the moment so I’ll be dipping into them here and there as, luckily, they are short stories and fan writing. It’s a shame writers like this aren’t more widely published.