Over the past week I’ve experienced broadband problems, mainly connecting to the service when first turning on the computer. I have to ensure that the router is switched on first otherwise I have to reboot the machine for it to work properly.

Recently it has gone from bad to worse, with the connection not being enabled via cable connection. Do I had to turn wireless connection back on. Going direct to the router didn’t seem to work either as I could only have physical or wireless connection, whereas a couple of weeks ago they would exist side by side. The router kicked me off saying a user was already signed in when I connected the LAN cable.

Yesterday I was getting local connection only. No matter how many times I ran the Vista Diagnosis tool or rebooted the laptop it refused to connect to the internet. Even though Microsoft Update told me there were new updates available. In the end I had to disable the physical connection – as the wireless was the only connection that would get on the internet recently – and viola internet connection appeared. I’ll have to keep my eye on it but it seems to have sorted itself out for the moment.