I’m getting to be a bit of an Amazon junkie at the moment. I’ve ordered a lot of books recently, most of them secondhand and most of them by Bob Shaw. I’m getting rarities that I didn’t know existed. He must still be a popular author as I note the signed edition of Fire Pattern on sale for £95 is gone now. So someone is willing to shell out close to a hundred pounds for one of his books. I already have Fire Pattern in hard back – the first Shaw hardback I bought, when it came out in 1984 – but I seriously considered buying the signed edition, even if only for investment purposes. People are asking for and apparently getting astronomical sums for some books. I recently bought a good copy of Shaw’s Load of Old Bosh (still waiting for it to arrive though) for £20. That was a bit of a panic buy as there were three copies available, the other two being over £150 each.