I’ve decided to change the other blog I have and turn in from a personal blog, which never really got used and which this blog is anyway, to something more useful and informative. Recently I have been adding to my Bob Shaw collection: actually close on a dozen books in a couple of months. Admittedly most are building up my hardback collection of his works, but there are a few rarities I didn’t have.

I’ve searched the web on occasions and there’s not much about Bob Shaw, which is a shame as he is a great writer. So I’m going to use the other blog to post on the Bob Shaw books I have and am now acquiring.

The blog will be here on this dot com and there already is a link on the front page.

Full link from here: www.shadowdevil.com/jp

I’ve already scanned in a few covers and started on some thoughts and reviews, the first one is up already.