I use the free version of Malwarebytes to check my computer. The last update caused an error in the database and I reinstalled the program today and ran a quick check. I was a bit shocked to find that it had found some nasty stuff, a certain backdoor.Bifrose by name. Even though the databases say it is low risk I’m still concerned as I have went on a bit of a spree with the credit card lately – building up my collection of Bob Shaw hardbacks. There are about ten variants of this trojan. Even worse is that one site says that a version of backdoor.bifrose gets installed as a legitimate program and is a very high risk. Fortunately it wasn’t the version I had and which Malwarebytes quarantined.

I’m unsure if I should check the credit card statement online more often than I do. The good thing about the bank I use is that you don’t type your password in when logging on, you type in parts of it.