I don’t use IE much, preferring Firefox, but the update to Internet Explorer, V8, was installed as part of the last round of automatic updates.

I used it yesterday for some browsing and today I wanted to go back to one of the sites, not having bookmarked it. Guess what? The morons at Microsoft have placed a little delete button on the Address bar. Click the little down arrow at the right hand side and then click the link you want to go to now deletes that link. It’s utterly incomprehensible how anyone would come up with such an idea.

No doubt Microsoft will insist that it’s an improvement, and time saver, but when the action performs something so completely different as the same action previously it is nothing more than an annoyance. Which Microsoft is fast becoming. I neither love nor hate Microsoft but their actions recently – Vista, Office 2007 and it’s ‘revolutionary’ new design, and now this IE tweak which destroys where once it took you to a web site – may show that Microsoft is a company past its peak and now on the way down.