I have an external USB drive which has a power saving mode. It turns itself off after a while. Recently it has started turning itself back on here and there. I don’t know if this is Windows Vista, the drive itself or some nasty program. A really weird thing happened today in that the other USB drive, an eight gig Sandisk, which has portable programs on in including Firefox – from which I do all my surfing: it’s a lot easier, quicker and more convenient especially as Firefox stores all my passwords so I don’t have to remember them. And seeing as I use a password generator for a lot of sites that’s very handy as I don’t want to remember lists of letters and numbers.

I was browsing – editing a post on my other blog actually – and all of a sudden the Sandisk ‘reboots’ itself. Firefox closes, the red cruzer icon disappears, then the launch dialog appears, everything loads up and it’s back to normal. Apart from me not having to sign into it via the security program. I intend to do some googling to see if there is any cause for this: malware, virus, spyware. Malwarebytes was updated and run today and found nothing. Still, the behaviour is very odd.