… reading Bob Shaw. Well I did overload on buying his works this month.

I got my credit card bill in this weekend and as expected the receipts I’m putting with it constitute a small book. Damn that Bob Shaw. I’ve actually been wanting to complete my hardback collection of his works for some years. I’m only now just starting to achieve that. With some of his works being rare I’m taking as many opportunities as I can when and where they turn up. Well I was; now I’m taking the view that there will be copies turning up here and there, and I should look for the best bargains and show some patience.

I’ve actually got a ton of new books waiting to be read. Matter by Iain M Banks has been sitting patiently on the shelf for a few weeks now. Another 3 for 2 at Waterstone’s added the Star Trek novelisation and the paperback of the James Bond novel Devil May Care. As it is a book of short stories The White Road has actually been read a bit: nice to know I’m not the only one who uses New Scientist for inspiration. The third book from the most recent Waterstone’s 3 for 2 is a real crimes book – again because that is broken up into separate stories I dip into that more than the novels. Plus I’m waiting on delivery of another book of short stories from Salt publishing.

I’ve also dipped in and out of the Babylon 5 DVDs, watching an episode here and there.

The weather has been great here the past week, and I have taken great delight in not cutting the grass. But it will need cutting soon as it is starting to sprout up. But not as much as I thought it would after all the rain we had before the sun. Normally rain causes the grass around here to shoot up over night.

Whenever I put the Sandisk USB drive into any computer recently the computer asks to perform a scan of the disk. There hasn’t been any problem with it – other than the disk ‘rebooting’ but I think that’s the other external USB disk – so I’m just going to back it up and hope that computers stop asking to check it.

The broadband is still good, still getting great speeds but the old problem of drop outs is starting to resurface. I now don’t restart the computer but just switch the router on and off a few times. I have the router off when I’m not online and this may be a part of the problem but I’m not leaving my router on twenty four seven for some one to hack into it and burn up my 5 gigabytes monthly allowance. And apparently Madasafish are on of the steepest at charging for going over the limit. Although I don’t see how any one could go over the limit as they have an excellent system for checking what you have used and I use it regularly. In fact I note I have quote a bit left on this last day of the month so I’m going off to use some of it up before it expires at midnight.