May 2009

I’ve decided to change the other blog I have and turn in from a personal blog, which never really got used and which this blog is anyway, to something more useful and informative. Recently I have been adding to my Bob Shaw collection: actually close on a dozen books in a couple of months. Admittedly most are building up my hardback collection of his works, but there are a few rarities I didn’t have.

I’ve searched the web on occasions and there’s not much about Bob Shaw, which is a shame as he is a great writer. So I’m going to use the other blog to post on the Bob Shaw books I have and am now acquiring.

The blog will be here on this dot com and there already is a link on the front page.

Full link from here:

I’ve already scanned in a few covers and started on some thoughts and reviews, the first one is up already.


I had problems with short stat in that it produced errors in two of the windows. There are about ten windows that give specific information about site visits and various stats. Two of them, keywods and domains, had thrown up parse_url warnings. On going to the shortstat panel today I note that the domains box is back to normal, giving perfect figures and no warnings at all. The other one, keywords, still gives the error. I did make a comment on the website/blog of the people who made the plugin but it is German and I don’t know if they read it or not. Thanks if they did and fixed the error. But it appeared randomly, maybe it just disappeared randomly too.

It’s the first of May and my bandwidth resets itself. Back to zero for this month. I had used around about average last month but still had plenty to spare. So I’m a little miffed that the Windows updates I do today take dame near four hundred megabytes. That’s normally about a week’s worth of internet usage for me; gone in a couple of hours. The bulk of it was taken up by Internet Explorer 8 (which I don’t use) and the service pack for Office 2007. In fact I think about 80 percent of it was the Office upgrade. Perhaps it’s my fault as I do remember reading about the Service pack for Office 2007 earlier on in the week, so I could have put that bandwidth to lasts month’s if I had thought about it and acted before the beginning of this month.

I’m getting to be a bit of an Amazon junkie at the moment. I’ve ordered a lot of books recently, most of them secondhand and most of them by Bob Shaw. I’m getting rarities that I didn’t know existed. He must still be a popular author as I note the signed edition of Fire Pattern on sale for £95 is gone now. So someone is willing to shell out close to a hundred pounds for one of his books. I already have Fire Pattern in hard back – the first Shaw hardback I bought, when it came out in 1984 – but I seriously considered buying the signed edition, even if only for investment purposes. People are asking for and apparently getting astronomical sums for some books. I recently bought a good copy of Shaw’s Load of Old Bosh (still waiting for it to arrive though) for £20. That was a bit of a panic buy as there were three copies available, the other two being over £150 each.

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