The Vista service pack 2 consisting of up to 350 MB became available right at the end of last month. Just too late for me to add it to May bandwidth before it runs out. Over the past few days it has popped off and on the automatic updates: sometimes the updates tell me there is only 300k for Windows Defender, sometimes it tells me there is 350 Mb for the Vista Service Pack 2. Whatever it is I’ll be downloading it at the end of the month – if I do download it at all – and not straight away.

The amount of bandwidth I use on a monthly basis has gone up over the past few months but it is still well below the Madasafish limit.

I’ve tried a new piece of software called Animeeple, which supposedly allows you to animate Collada files exported from Quidam. I have Quidam Studio and the Collada plugin was part of that. However, the software crashes on both Vista and XP systems while trying to load any file I exported from Quidam. The software is still in Beta so it looks like they have a few bugs to iron out.

The Sandisk USB problem is still continuing, although only on Vista machines. When I plug it into an XP machine there are no problems whatsoever. Bit on the weird side. The problem with the drive ‘rebooting’ seems to have disappeared. It’s definitely (99.9%) the external USB disk. I have had it unplugged for over a week (missing the last Ghost update in the process) and there has been no re-occurrence of the reboot. It was probably the power saving option: it switches itself off if there is no activity after about twenty minutes. I noticed that there were times when it would spring into life for no apparent reason. I assumed some part of the operating system was doing something which caused the drive to activate. And X times out of ten this process went wrong and the drive plus all others were re-initialised. Looks like I’ll have to remember to turn the external USB drive on a short while before Norton Ghost is due to do its’ backup of the laptop drive.