Another Bob Shaw book arrived today, the hard to get Vertigo in Gollancz hardback. The good news is that I only paid 99p for it – plus £1.50 postage and I won it on ebay. The bad news is that it’s ex library, ergo ripped and stamped. Can’t fully make out the library but pretty sure it’s Wandsworth. Vertigo in hardback still to get in my eyes.

Fnl, upgraded Anim Studio V5 to V6, now renamed Debut, for $19.99 and downloaded it thinking it would be a small file, ten maybe twenty megabytes. 256 bloddymegabloodybytes!

That’s whacked some of the monthly bandwidth, although this month I’ve been well under the limit so far. Dividing 5Gb by 30 or 31 gives me a daily allowance and up until now I haven’t been anywhere near that for this month. The good news is that the broadband gobbled it down, speeds reaching 500kb/s at times but, although it dipped and peaked, it averaged around 300kb/s.

I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading but messing about with this software will put a stop to that.

Starting to get more and more spam at a secondary email. Coincidentally it’s the one I use for facebook but I don’t think they’re connected to it. Maybe I gave it out unknowingly or maybe it was harvested from the web.

I should upgrade WordPress here but a little reticent after the last incident, where I had to rebuild the site. Mainly due to my not backing it up properly I’ll admit, but a bad trip is a bad trip. But I really should upgrade as I can’t log out properly here, I have to go to the web page and log out there. The system wont let me log out from the dashboard.

Odd. Took some time connecting to the site. Had a few connection timed out messages. But the FTP plugin for FireFox connected immediately. Then Firefox connected no problem.