I haven’t done much this week. I should really set aside time for doing things, but there seems to be less and less time available.

I managed to make a post on the Bob Shaw blog about the first novel of his I read and was in communication with Interzone about missing issues. I think there’s some sort of delay with them and a couple of issues have gone missing. I’m going to make a point of visiting the Interzone site (www.ttapress.com) more often so I can see when the new issue is released. But whether I can keep this going is another thing.

At Asda this week I picked up the final season of The Shield, season 7. I picked up the first season of The Shield at Asda too, some years ago. It was an impulse purchase mainly because it was a full season of a show going very cheap. Under £15 if I remember rightly. Which was dirt cheap as at that time a lot of TV series were being punted out at forty pounds and upward.

It was a fantastic series from the off, and season seven didn’t disappoint either. I spent a bit of Friday, all day Saturday and well into Sunday morning watching the final season on my computer.  Very few hitches with the drive: the second episode slowed and jerked a couple of times but otherwise the whole series played smoothly.

The quality of the final season was well above what I expected. I think it dipped a little in season four and six and season one and two were the best in my opinion, but season seven has lifted itself right up there in my opinion.

The good news is I can watch it again, this time with the audio commentaries. In season one this was every episode – another reason I bought the first season; the extras – but later seasons were fewer. I’ll also check out the behind the scenes features which are always interesting.