Windows Live Writer is the bomb.

So Thunderbird has a reprieve as I found out how to add forwarding servers. It was right before my eyes but I couldn’t see it.  It still doesn’t fully work but it may be worth persevering with.

The problem of junk mail to another address may be solved too as I was on one of my domains and found out there was an email forwarder on one of the email accounts I set up. I set up another for another email account I set up and instead of looking for an email client to handle all addresses I’ll look into setting up email forwarders to one or two free email addresses I have.

For the first time in a while I logged into the control panels of the domains I have. I did some tidying up. Making a new backup and downloading it. I checked the emails. The default email inbox is full, and I’m leaving it like that. It receives a lot of spam so it’s better to let it bounce back with an inbox full error message than for me to log in and empty it of spam only for it to fill up again within a few days.

The backup was 18MB in size, including the databases that WordPress uses for the blogs.  One was 3MB in size and the other 1.5MB. I’ll have to keep an eye on them as they are getting big. I don’t know what size I expected the databases to be but, as they are mostly text, I was expecting it to be quite a while before I had to worry about the size of them. However, the Bob Shaw blog does include a lot of images.

I also saved some space on the site and cleared about 12Mb of files from the temp directory.