I took a chance and updated Vista before the end of this month. It appeared at the end of last month on my updates saying between 50 and 300 MB (or thereabouts). Even just a day earlier and I could have added it to my bandwidth allocation for that month and forgotten about it. The update kept changing, one time it was 300MB the next it was 300k (for Windows Defender) then it was back up and then back down. So one time I decided just to see what was available and it turned out to be a reasonable 50 Meg or so. Even now, a little over halfway through the month, I am a lot less than halfway through the bandwidth allowance. So I decide to update Vista. I suppose it may work out better in the long run. Updating Vista more or less when the updates appear should work out with less downloads than one cumulative upgrade every now and then.

Here’s something that isn’t a surprise to anyone who uses ‘budget’ airlines. http://www.lovemoney.com/news/travel/ryanair-costs-more-than-british-airways-3559.aspx?source=1000020

Who’s surprised Ryanair is more expensive than BA? I personally don’t see how Ryanair is still operating. Some of the comments on that website state they ignore EU directives. And I think they have a no refund policy, which, as far as I’m aware, is against UK Consumer law. I know this because I tried to get a refund on a mobile phone just after thirty days and was informed by the shop and local trading standards that refunds are only allowed within a reasonable time, which is considered to be thirty days. After that the seller is obliged only to replace the item.

I’ve been trying new email clients recently. I’ve got a lot of email addresses and don’t check on some of them nearly enough as I should. I’m looking for something portable and easy. Portable because I use a U3 USB stick nine times out of ten and easy because I’m thick.

But the plan to bring all email addresses under one program seems to be stalling a bit. The only really portable email client is Thunderbird, and I don’t like that too much. I may give it another shot but I’ll exhaust the others first. A few I’ve tried turn out not to be portable enough. There are some available out there but they are old programs. I have popcorn on the USB disk but it’s a bit tricky to set up accounts. It’s very basic and not too user friendly. ON the plus side it isn’t even one megabyte in size. I’ve just tried Sylpheed and it’s not portable at all. It is available as a direct download to unzip and no need to install but its settings appear to be on the local hard drive and not the USB drive. I set up a yahoo account, and surprisingly it didn’t take too much searching to get the settings for yahoo, and then logged in and checked mail. It worked fine but when I tried the program on my laptop at home there was no account; hence all the information is on the other computer. I couldn’t find any settings anywhere which would tell me where the settings and folders were.