I installed a minor update for Windows Defender and then suddenly Vista Service Pack 2 was shown to be a vital update needing attention, and needing between 337.9MB and 343.9 MB.

Last week I used about 50-60 MB downloading updates. I thought this was Service Pack 2 but apparently not. This time it will definitely wait until closer to the end of the month.

(Just checked the update history and a lot of the previous updates seems to have been programs: Works 9  – which I never use – Office 2007 and Internet Explorer 8 – which I use even less than Works 9. But I am surprised that Visa Service Pack 2 has come and gone on the update options; as I have mentioned in previous blogs.)

After I’ve used my bandwidth allowance for what I want to do we’ll see what’s left near the end of the month and then update Vista; probably next weekend. I’ve no doubt that there will be enough of the 5Gb allowance available: I’ve never yet come close to the limit in the time I have used Madasafish as a broadband provider.

Although the usage has crept up a little in the past few months I’m still comfortably within the limit. Only once have I received an email from them telling me I’m close to my monthly allowance – and then it was at the end of the month and I had deliberately used up some bandwidth.