I upgraded to version 2.8 of WordPress on the Bob Shaw blog. Me no likey. A totally whole new interface which is nowhere near as nice and clean as the previous interface.  A lot of the features that were right there in front of you after a couple of clicks seem to be buried in sub menus. Everything is on the left hand side – and if I’m right handed wouldn’t it be better to be on the right hand side? Previously it was all on the top, which I found much easier.

I’m now informed that WordPress has support for Gears, which is a net based programming language/API probably based on java script. Programmers apparently have nothing better to do that create new languages every few years.

However, the Google Analytics plugin is now working. Previously it only spat out something about an error on line 148. Now I have the setting screen and can input the Google analytics number. I’ll have to see if it works. I pasted the code in from Google to the front page of this website but when I log into Google analytics it says the site is not activated. After pasting the number in the plugin was successfully updated. I’ll have to wait and see if it does analyse the site.

Short stats seems to be working better too. No errors there so far. I finally took the time to look at the code in the sidebar.php for the current theme and amended it so only Tags appear. It previously had a search and also a duplication of the posts but that has been amended now.

I think I’ll leave this blog as it is for the moment.