July 2009

I got the latest LW newsletter and there was a feature on JimmyRIG, including videos. It was very impressive so I went over to their site for a closer look. They have a beta program and I signed up to download and try it. I’m over fifty percent certain that I will get some version of the program. It is amazing. I downloaded the beta at work but the file was corrupted so I had to download it again at home. I got some impressive download speeds too, going above 800kb per second at times and I think it averaged around 700kb per second. Very impressive broadband from Madasafish. The file was 300 Megabytes in size and took under ten minutes to download. I spent half an hour or so with it. The program is hot but it is having trouble importing Lightwave files created by Quidam.


A couple more Bob Shaw hardbacks bought, one from America and one from the Book Town in the Scottish Borders. I paid a little more than I normally would – the American one was pretty close to my general price limit – but they are both on the ‘difficult to get’ list and hardly ever pop up at reasonable prices. I’m still seeing ex-library editions of A Better Mantrap at £50 or more. Some book searches are now turning up Bob Shaw books at £250 and above and a regular basis. Even only a couple of months ago it was rare to see his books at that price. Perhaps they get put on the internet to sell or not to sell on a cyclical basis or perhaps sellers are actually able to sell his books at such prices.

Close to halfway through the month and just now hitting one gigabyte in bandwidth usage. I shouldn’t need to even think about bandwidth usage this month. I don’t have any updates of software I could download to use some up and the updates for Windows have only been definition files for Windows Defender.

it of an oddity on my other laptop in that Word 2002 takes absolutely ages to load. Word 2007 on my main laptop takes seconds. It didn’t do this before – at least I don’t recall it being so slow. That computer never connects to the internet so there’s very little chance of viruses or spyware, but I ran a couple of programs anyway. Both only found adware trackers, which were deleted, but the databases would be out of date – as the computer hasn’t been on the internet. There seems to be nothing obviously wrong with the laptop so I gave the USB drive the once over and that turned out to be all clear too. So it’s a mystery why everything seems so slow on the other laptop.

The subject is a reference to the film Logan’s Run – the book didn’t have renewal on Carousel  – and the content is the renewal of my domain names. I’ve had some slight glitches with the current host now and then and today the renewal arrived in the email. I’ve had a quick look at other hosts but none are giving as good a deal as the one I have, so it looks like I will stick to what I have – at least for this year. The outages have only been a couple of days over one year so it’s not too bad. It’s not as if I’m getting problems a lot with the sites. Broadband usage this month is nowhere near even one gigabyte so I expect I’ll be well under the usage for this month.

I haven’t been online much for about a week now. I had perhaps an hour or so in total. I took advantage of all the good weather here in Scotland and went online as little as possible. Of course, after the good weather there was torrents of rain and thunder. Consequently my broadband usage has dropped right down for this month – so far, no doubt I’ll make up for it later on in the month.

I had a lot of email to catch up on. I’ve also recently discovered Google reader and that had a fair amount of items for me to catch up with too; mainly other blogs.

I note I’m still getting trouble now and then going to my domain name. I may have to look into another host. The renewal is due in about a month or so and I really have to decide if I want to stay with the company another year. They have been great over the years but recently there have been more and more problems; connecting to the domain being the most common.