I haven’t been online much for about a week now. I had perhaps an hour or so in total. I took advantage of all the good weather here in Scotland and went online as little as possible. Of course, after the good weather there was torrents of rain and thunder. Consequently my broadband usage has dropped right down for this month – so far, no doubt I’ll make up for it later on in the month.

I had a lot of email to catch up on. I’ve also recently discovered Google reader and that had a fair amount of items for me to catch up with too; mainly other blogs.

I note I’m still getting trouble now and then going to my domain name. I may have to look into another host. The renewal is due in about a month or so and I really have to decide if I want to stay with the company another year. They have been great over the years but recently there have been more and more problems; connecting to the domain being the most common.