A couple more Bob Shaw hardbacks bought, one from America and one from the Book Town in the Scottish Borders. I paid a little more than I normally would – the American one was pretty close to my general price limit – but they are both on the ‘difficult to get’ list and hardly ever pop up at reasonable prices. I’m still seeing ex-library editions of A Better Mantrap at £50 or more. Some book searches are now turning up Bob Shaw books at £250 and above and a regular basis. Even only a couple of months ago it was rare to see his books at that price. Perhaps they get put on the internet to sell or not to sell on a cyclical basis or perhaps sellers are actually able to sell his books at such prices.

Close to halfway through the month and just now hitting one gigabyte in bandwidth usage. I shouldn’t need to even think about bandwidth usage this month. I don’t have any updates of software I could download to use some up and the updates for Windows have only been definition files for Windows Defender.