Totally boring recently. I’ve done nothing of interest yet I’ve managed to spend a fair bit of money (on JimmyRIG). About the most interesting thing I’ve done lately is change the light bulb in my living room. It’s one of those long life ones and slowly dimmed last night before dying with a small pop.

I’m considering getting some more Bob Shaw hard backs. There are a few at pretty reasonable prices ( a fiver, but postage is damn near twenty quid) but they are in far flung places like Australia and South Africa. in Rip Off Britain they are close to three figures, sometimes above.

Still got a few books to catch up on. Iain M Banks novel Matter still at the bottom of the list.

I logged into my domain to make this post before realising I should be using Windows Live Writer. The website was running slowly, which in my experience is a pre curser to it disappearing from sight for a few hours. I’ll keep an eye on it. If it does go under again I’ll user tracert and send the results to the Support Department at Madasafish.