So I bought JimmyRIG and then I visit a site I visit only every couple of months or so and they’re running a special offer on the software they sell. Including the free items they’re giving away with the software it’s pretty close to half price so I bite.

I’m now the proud owner of Life Forms 4 and two Power Moves packs. I’ve used the software before – I had a limited edition version 3 from a magazine cover – and it’s pretty good. What’s not so good about it is that it’s a Windows 95/98 program, and is not working too well with Vista. I’ve installed it to a virtual disk and it’s still giving a couple of problems. I registered the software straight away so I guess I’ll email for support if the problems persist.

It’s a bad month for me to spend all this money; my web sites are due for renewal this month. I’ve a reminder set for the main one and the secondary one is about twenty days or so later.