Not the best of times this week. I tried to add my second laptop to the network and lost my whole internet connection for a couple of days. It was all my fault as I tried to install the software for the router on the laptop. It ended up ruining the whole network and connection, and no matter what I did I couldn’t get the thing back up again.

I downloaded instructions from Madasafish and setup a whole new connection and whole new network by doing everything through the router. So, both laptops on the network now. Only thing is the second one hasn’t been upgraded for a while. As I type it’s downloading 587MB of updates.

I don’t know if it’s successfully downloading 587MB of updates. Internet Explorer wouldn’t connect to the internet even though FireFox, AOL and Email had no problems. A few bits of twiddling with the options and it soon found Windows Update gave the same problems and I’m hoping that with Internet Explorer online Update will be too.

The car was MOT’d this week and the price was extortionate. The worst part is that there was relatively few problems with the car, most of the bill was labour. Fair enough a service was included and all work was done to ensure it passed its MOT but still. …

Lastly and most painfully I chapped my finger at work this week. Bloody painful it was and it caught a nail, drawing blood. It’s only a tiny cut but it’s still a cut, and it’s underneath the nail. So it looks like I got purple nail polish on one nail. It doesn’t hurt any more but the finger is still a little tender.