As the advertising slogan goes. I haven’t been online much this week either. I really should log into the social network sites I’ve signed up for. It’s been a while since I logged into any of them. I suppose if I’m online more there’s a better chance I’ll get round to logging into them.

The title of this post is in reference to a chocolate snack available in the UK, of which I have been partaking quite a bit this week, mainly because there are now special packs available that have codes inside them giving free music downloads. I’ve signed up and snaffled a few tracks. There is a five song limit but that is restricted to per email address. It has also caused me to nip over to 7digital and buy some more tracks from said artists and others.

I still haven’t got around to reading Iain Bank’s Matter, and I couldn’t get into the Bruno Lipshitz novel, but I did buy a couple of books of short stories and read most of the Robert Silverberg one, Sunrise on Mercury. I devoured Robert Silverberg years ago. I would read anything from him and enjoyed most of what I read.