Trying to buy stuff from Amazon but it’s not playing nice. It keeps asking me to put in my credit card information. I’ve checked the details in my account and the information is there already. Previous to this week buying from Amazon was as easy as a few clicks. I’ve also checked the address bar during the process of doing the order and I’m not getting redirected to a phishing site; it just informs me that the address the goods are being sent to is a new address (not true) and I have to re enter the details.

So far this week I’ve cancelled two orders just to be on the safe side and sent Amazon an email. First there was the final (?) volume of the complete stories by Theodore Sturgeon, Slow Sculpture (I tried buying from the publisher but they don’t ship outside You Sah) and then today an order for the Region 2 edition of Logan’s Run plus Logan’s Run comic number six. I have Logan’s Run on DVD but it’s Region one, and I don’t fancy messing about with Regions on the computer or using software to rip the DVD.

I just won Logan’s Run comic number seven on ebay: there were only seven editions of this comic printed before it went kaput and I have the first five. I actually came to Logan’s Run via the comic. It was a bright and shiny thing on the shelves of a newsagent in Cowdenbeath and I bought it and was hooked. They Film/Comic did the story differently to the book and I actually preferred it to the novel. A few months later I saw the film in Lochgelly (Lochgelly had two cinemas and Cowdenbeath, a bigger town, had one; now there’s just the multiplex several towns away) and a few years later got the paperback, then the sequel in paperback and then the final in the trilogy in paperback.