November 2009

Is the name being given to the contents of my previous post. Apparently as much is being put into it about the (UK) mainstream media ignoring the story as there is about the fact that it shows climate scientists manipulating data, avoiding freedom of information requests and other dastardly deeds in an attempt to convince the world that global warming is real. They’ve convinced the politicians of course: politicians see it as an excuse to tax people, something they love doing, and would accept statements about the sky being green with red squares if it allowed them to gather money from the tax payer. Apparently Google gives ten million hits (as of the writing of this post; I think it may go up) already, barely a couple of weeks after the event and ignoring  – or burying – of the story by mainstream media such as the BBC: who still only have a minor story on their website about it, with no reference to the content of the emails at all.


I’m not a believer in Global Warming, I’ve always felt that there has been a shouting of wolf rather than an examination of facts. I’m a big fan of conspiracies in fiction but more inclined to believe they are cock ups in real life.

I first saw this story – approximately here -while reading the Telegraph during the week (I started getting it when the scum MPs were doing their daily I’ve-Done-Nothing-Wrongs and just sort of kept getting it) and followed it up online. It hit the net and spread a bit like wildfire, being reported all over the world in various newspapers, blogs and sites. Oddly enough I saw no coverage by the major media here in the UK. The rest of the world discuss it vociferously and the ramifications yet the BBC filed it away (online) as a minor break in report . Very X-Files.

One of my eBay purchases was out of curiosity and the book arrived today. It’s The Oz Encounter, Weird Heroes Vol. 5: Doc Phoenix. Published in the seventies and written by Marv Wolfman, a name I recognise from reading Marvel comics all those years ago. The series was created by Ted White, a noted SF writer.

They make no bones about the fact that the book and characters are homage to Doc Savage, and the novel itself is a little intriguing. Doc has to save a girl by literally going into her mind. Doc Savage certainly has spawned a lot of imitators and homage: I’ve read somewhere that even programmes like the A-Team took elements from Doc.

It also has a nice cover painting by Jeffrey Jones – love his (her now) work and have a couple of books containing it, including a paperback edition of The Studio.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to read it soon. My pile of unread books is getting bigger and bigger, and I’m also working my way through Season 3 of My Name is Earl on DVD at the same time.

Great, I won Galactic Tours by Bob Shaw, illustrated by David Hardy, for only £2.99 on eBay. It’s been £10 and upward any time I’ve searched for it online. I had set a maximum bid of £9.99 for it and it turned out I was the only bidder. Max bids on eBay are quite helpful. It sets a limit.

I’ve yet to receive it so we’ll see what condition it’s in when it arrives. I haven’t read it at all so this will be a new book for me. I’ve got more bids on other Bob Shaw books and I’m considering a few others. I’m a bit behind in posts on the Bob Shaw blog, but I don’t want to post too much too soon: Bob Shaw did only write a finite amount and I doubt if there are any new works to be released. So there is only a set amount of his works that I can blog about.

Potential problems with Madasafish. I received a couple of disturbing emails on Friday and sent in a request to Madasafish to look into it straight away. I got a reply this morning but it appears the person didn’t even read what I had written, so I SHOUTED BACK. Hopefully it will get sorted out but I’m not holding my breath. It might cause me troubles with my internet connection so I’ll keep checking my emails regularly (it’s an account I don’t normally check on a daily basis) .

What is up with MYSPACE? I try to log on and find that it now doesn’t support Firefox 2. I’m loathe to upgrade my edition of Firefox as the new version doesn’t support the ftp plugin I have that I use to upload files to my web sites. I only sign in to MySpace (and the others) now and then anyway but it looks like it will be a little less often for MySpace.

The import of all my posts from my personal blog to the blog went fine. Sometimes the picture link works sometimes not, but it isn’t important as I hardly ever use pictures in my blogs; the only one I do use them for is the Bob Shaw blog, and they are just links. So it looks like I’ve been using the blog on for quite a while when in actual fact I’ve hardly used it at all. Isn’t the Internet wonderful?

Finally updated the version of WordPress in my personal blog. Not because I wanted to, well I sort of did; I wanted to use the export function available in the later versions. At least all my WordPress blogs now look the same, no confusion now about why a feature isn’t available.

I exported the file in the personal blog and imported it into the blog on Hopefully all will go well. I’ll know within a day.

It seems I can’t stay away from eBay, as I’ve put in a couple of bids for some books when I know I shouldn’t. Bad me.

The problem with the Internet is that any idiot can set themselves up as a bookseller. They just create accounts for eBay Amazon etc and punt them out. Service and customer care can take a massive dip online, although there are exceptions. I’ve been caught a couple of times with Bob Shaw novels; SFBC editions instead of Gollancz editions, ex-library copies which I only find out are ex-library when they arrive.

And it’s happened again. A Bob Shaw hardback at a cheap price which turns out not to be the Gollancz edition as advertised. I now have two copies of that book, both useless to me, seeing as it would cost as much as I spent on it to send it back.

Is it too much to ask book dealers to be accurate in their descriptions? Apparently it is. They punt it out and hope for a sale, ignoring the service to customers.

I suppose it’s a case of that old saying, if it looks too good to be true it probably is. I’ll make it a policy to always enquire before purchase from now on.

(This is the first blog post to be posted to all four of my blogs.)

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