I’m going to have to ease off on the use of the credit card for a little while. It hasn’t been much over the past few months but recent activity on eBay has been pretty constant. It’s not the purchases from eBay I mind; they are small and you don’t really think about them, it’s the postage. The more or less standard charge of around £3 does bump the purchases up quite a bit. And then they all gang up and make a big dent in the credit card. And it creates a big pile of reading for me. I’ve got a couple of Doc Savage novels to start, one Philip José farmer novel, a facsimile of 1930s pulp magazine Strange Tales plus other bits and bobs.

Actually the facsimile made me go hunting for the real thing and I’m sorely tempted to purchase a couple of real pulp magazines. There are a few dealers out there selling original editions. Sorely tempted but wrist slapped until after Christmas at least. And I’ve got to continue the hunt to complete my Bob Shaw hardback collection.

Plus I get my car insurance renewed this month. I’ve already phoned around for the best deals and decided who I will go with this year and the payment will come off before the next statement. It’s actually cheaper than last year but as it’s a relatively small figure I don’t pay it by installments but one lump sum. I save (around twenty quid) on interest payments paying in a one off rather than monthly installments throughout the year by doing that but it is a fair whack to pay in a one off.