Potential problems with Madasafish. I received a couple of disturbing emails on Friday and sent in a request to Madasafish to look into it straight away. I got a reply this morning but it appears the person didn’t even read what I had written, so I SHOUTED BACK. Hopefully it will get sorted out but I’m not holding my breath. It might cause me troubles with my internet connection so I’ll keep checking my emails regularly (it’s an account I don’t normally check on a daily basis) .

What is up with MYSPACE? I try to log on and find that it now doesn’t support Firefox 2. I’m loathe to upgrade my edition of Firefox as the new version doesn’t support the ftp plugin I have that I use to upload files to my web sites. I only sign in to MySpace (and the others) now and then anyway but it looks like it will be a little less often for MySpace.

The import of all my posts from my personal blog to the Worpress.com blog went fine. Sometimes the picture link works sometimes not, but it isn’t important as I hardly ever use pictures in my blogs; the only one I do use them for is the Bob Shaw blog, and they are just links. So it looks like I’ve been using the blog on WordPress.com for quite a while when in actual fact I’ve hardly used it at all. Isn’t the Internet wonderful?