One of my eBay purchases was out of curiosity and the book arrived today. It’s The Oz Encounter, Weird Heroes Vol. 5: Doc Phoenix. Published in the seventies and written by Marv Wolfman, a name I recognise from reading Marvel comics all those years ago. The series was created by Ted White, a noted SF writer.

They make no bones about the fact that the book and characters are homage to Doc Savage, and the novel itself is a little intriguing. Doc has to save a girl by literally going into her mind. Doc Savage certainly has spawned a lot of imitators and homage: I’ve read somewhere that even programmes like the A-Team took elements from Doc.

It also has a nice cover painting by Jeffrey Jones – love his (her now) work and have a couple of books containing it, including a paperback edition of The Studio.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to read it soon. My pile of unread books is getting bigger and bigger, and I’m also working my way through Season 3 of My Name is Earl on DVD at the same time.