Is the name being given to the contents of my previous post. Apparently as much is being put into it about the (UK) mainstream media ignoring the story as there is about the fact that it shows climate scientists manipulating data, avoiding freedom of information requests and other dastardly deeds in an attempt to convince the world that global warming is real. They’ve convinced the politicians of course: politicians see it as an excuse to tax people, something they love doing, and would accept statements about the sky being green with red squares if it allowed them to gather money from the tax payer. Apparently Google gives ten million hits (as of the writing of this post; I think it may go up) already, barely a couple of weeks after the event and ignoring  – or burying – of the story by mainstream media such as the BBC: who still only have a minor story on their website about it, with no reference to the content of the emails at all.