… and second time this week I’ve had to use de-icer on the car in the morning, where’s all this global warming: I’m freezing. Speaking of Global warming the mainstream media are still ignoring the CRU email hack, aka ClimateGate, and not fully reporting it, although it does appear to be leaking into the mainstream in bits and pieces here and there. The Daily Express had it as a front page this week.

The USB drive seems a little dodgy; I may have to look into getting a replacement. The one I use is over a year old but I couldn’t tell you how old. The drive is working fine; it’s just that the casing is getting looser and looser.

Browsing on eBay I was doing a search for Robert E Howard books. Going through them I came across Wolfshead, with a picture of it – an American paperback. I realised I’d bought a copy from a dealer years ago and it too appears not to be on my bookshelves. Damn, what is happening to these books? Are the elves kidnapping them? Cos I ain’t paying no ransom.

A right bucket load of Bob Shaw books appeared on an eBay search this week, foreign editions, original Gollancz editions, a lot of them hard back and a lot of them signed. Unfortunately a lot of them I already have. If I win the lottery (assuming I play it) I’ll start collecting signed editions of Shaw’s work. Until then I’ll aim toward a complete collection.

All blogs are individual for this post. I use Windows Live Writer to post to up to four blogs at once, but I do have to log into WordPress now and again to sort the spam out and check on hits, if updates are available, etc. So this one is a copy and paste job into the various blogs.