I logged on to check email and found that Yahoo have changed the layout of their home page. And it’s a pretty crappy layout at that. There was a semi change recently which wasn’t too bad but now there’s a list down the left hand side of the page which irritatingly changes as you hover the mouse over an item. The delight of checking mail on Yahoo was that you went to email and clicked once. This took you to the sign in page. You signed in and read email. Nothing wrong with that. If I’m quick enough I can still click once on the Mail icon but that doesn’t stop the page appearing. And nine times out of ten I get a ‘try again’ message before it whisks me off to the sign in page. I’m thinking of moving from Yahoo mail anyway as I’ve recently discovered – because it’s recently been leaked – that they’re willing to sell your details. The document can be found at cryptome.org.

I would prefer to have my own email at my own domain but I’ve grown too used to using Yahoo. I’ve had domains for years but never used the emails that come attached to them. The setting up and logging in to them has not been the easiest of tasks. The whole process is a bit too clunky. Where with Yahoo you sign up and sign in: no configuration of any Email program required. I’ve got a couple of domain names that are due for renewal early in the New Year but I don’t know if I’m going to renew them – I certainly won’t with the company I bought them from. Their renewal charges are about three times what I originally paid. I might pick them up cheap elsewhere and I might not. We’ll see in the New Year.

One of my emails was a free upgrade to a program I have. GDoc Fusion. I’ve owned and used this program for at least ten years. It’s a PDF creator and viewer. It started off life as Jaws PDF. I got a free copy (two or three actually) from Digit Magazine probably ten or so years ago. Since then I’ve upgraded the program (always for under twenty quid) until the last upgrade where it went from being Jaws PDF Creator to GDoc Creator/Fusion. I installed the upgrade on my other laptop and didn’t take to the new program. So, even though I have a full copy of the program now, I don’t think I’ll be using it much. Too entrenched with Jaws I suppose. Like Yahoo email it’s a simple to use program that does what it says on the tin. But the new program has too many unnecessary features. They have to move with the times I suppose but I’m not obliged to follow.