First brief post of the new year, two thousand and ten, not twenty ten, twenty ten is two separate numbers. I hope a good time was had by all.

I wasn’t online too often over the holiday period although I did log on here and there. I didn’t check any email though and am expecting a wheen of emails when I do log into the accounts.

I was trying to clean up the hard drive on the second laptop and gain some space. Although I took a couple of programmes off it ended up adding a little more as I synchronised Office 2007 on both laptops, with Word 2007 taking the place of Word 2002. Hopefully there wont be any more mess ups with documents, with defaults set to the new file format. Suspicious I looked around the program files folder and yes, Word 2002 was still there. For a while. It was quickly howfed, giving back about seventy megabytes of space after uninstall. But I did gain quite a lot of space by deleting the Virtual PCs. I don’t use it much on that laptop and perhaps it would be worthwhile totally removing the application as well. Gdoc also came off as I didn’t really use it; Jaws PDF creator is enough. GDoc has features I don’t need and a new layout which isn’t as intuitive as Jaws. Some other minor programmes were also removed including folders uninstall programmes leave behind, empty folders and the hard drive is now looking healthy for free space rather than pretty full up.