One of the more elusive Bob Shaw hardbacks has turned up at a reasonable price. It was a bit more than I hoped to have paid but I let a copy of 1 Million Tomorrows slip by because I thought it was too excessive; obviously someone else didn’t. A Better Mantrap was the first Bob Shaw book I bought and still remains a favourite.

Very few copies of the Gollancz hardback edition of A Better Mantrap are appearing online for sale, those that do are quite excessive in price (in my humble wallet’s opinion). There are a couple of Ex-Library editions being punted out for £50, pretty good copies are three figures.

But one appeared that is less than the expensive ones being advertised – the same books which I note have been available since I started searching for books to complete my Bob Shaw hardback collection and which no one has bought at their excessive pricing level – and I snapped it up. Ordered from America and taking a leisurely twenty one days to cross the Atlantic this edition isn’t the most I have paid for a Bob Shaw hardback but it’s getting there.