After getting my first honest to goodness pulp magazine by purchasing a copy of Weird Tales recently I’ve now bought my very first original Doc Savage pulp magazine. I won the 1938 issue with ‘Motion Menace’ as the main feature on eBay. The condition, like the Weird Tales one, is not great, and the price is reflected in that fact. I got it for £15 and was the only bidder.  I’m not sure if I’ve read Motion Menace. I bought several of the double novel editions issued in the eighties and gave most of them away (can’t remember which but I either sold them to a book dealer or donated them to my local library ; I suspect the former as I only donated to my local library a few times but sold books on a lot of times).

I’ve a few more items ending over the next few days and hope to win those too, even though it’ll cost me a lot of money. Although I’ve got about twenty or so of the Doc Savage novels – mainly the ones issued in the sixties picked up second hand – I’m looking forward to getting my first Doc Savage magazine. Oddly enough I’m buying the magazine from someone in the UK. There are a fair few of the magazines available from US sellers on eBay but they’re asking fifty dollars and above; quite a few of them at one to two hundred dollars. Don’t know what the exact exchange rate for dollars and pounds is at the moment, but I’m saving by buying from the UK as I’m getting it post free – although it was probably built into the bidding price – and the postage from sellers in the US can sometimes cause me to think twice about bidding on things.

I also received another Doc novel, Other World, in the post today, and seeing as I’ve finished No Mean City I’ll probably start reading that Doc novel – although I’ve got the newest issue of Interzone in; nothing in that issue has piqued my interest yet.