Still waiting on the arrival of my first Doc Savage Magazine, but in the meantime I’ve bought a couple more, one really cheap. I’ve definitely read one of them before, but it was one of the books I gave away. So, two new Doc stories to read at most. And there’s the additional material in the magazines, other stories and features.

One of the magazines doesn’t look in great condition going by the photo on eBay but the other two are supposed to be in very good condition. I should give eBay a bit of a rest as I’ve spent a little too much this month. Luckily some of it will go on next month’s credit card bill.  But I couldn’t say no to a rare Bob Shaw book going at a reasonable price, then it just rolled from there with offers of books and magazines too good to turn down. I didn’t with them all, but – funnily enough – I lost the cheap ones and won the more expensive ones.