The first Doc Savage Magazine has arrived. It’s very fragile, not in the best of conditions, some sticky pages, some torn. The main feature is The Motion menace, and I’ve not read it. There’s also Deap-Sea danger by Alan Hathway, Snake Bite by Harold A Davis, Enemy on Wheels by Laurance Donovan and Murder in his heart by Norman A Daniels. I’m not sure if any of those are pseudonyms of Lester Dent or not. There’s a couple of other features also. By the looks of things the person I bought it from paid more than me for it as it came sealed in a bag with a price tag more than what I paid on eBay. Or perhaps that’s what a previous owner paid.

Flipping through the magazine I noted something odd (apart from the fact what a weird world the 11930s were, Life on Mars indeed) when I came across a strange report. Page 112 Quote: Not long ago a strange sight was seen over New York City’s second highest building, the Chrysler Building…Atop this great structure is a steel spire, and one cold, sharp morning an extension that looked like a streak of black light appeared to rise high into the heavens above this spire. … Some observers believe that the strange beam of black light was a form of mirage….But a more logical explanation seems to be that it was caused by St Elmo’s fire.

True reporting (there were supposed to be photographs) or a bit of play acting by the editors for the fans of Doc? I hope to get more time later to go through the magazine. And of course I’m expecting a couple more which should be in better condition.