Oops, just like that spent seven quid on 7digital. Been a few months since I’ve bought anything from there. Went over via the weekly email to see if the free tracks were worth downloading (a couple were) and did some searches for various artists as per norm. A few of my favourites are starting to crop up more and more. Ended up getting some Uli Roth. And seeing as we were on German bands I then searched for Ashra and their 1979 album Correlations came up. I love that album. I still have the vinyl copy and if I had a record player I’d play it (what’s a record player granddad?). Sadly the tracks were expensively priced so I only bought my most favourite songs; Bamboo Sands, Morgana Da Capo and the utterly amazing Phantasus.

I’m removing thebookseller.com from my bookmarks. I don’t know what they’ve done since the site was redesigned a few months ago but for me it is totally unusable. After it has loaded it takes a minute and a half downloading stuff from various farms at static.flickr.com, during which time the site is slow and unresponsive. And this is on a broadband connection. I stopped visiting temporarily when the video ads on the front page played automatically and chewed up bandwidth but that was resolved when I went back later; however the slowness due to fetching stuff from flickr.com just makes the site a waste of time.

Talking of waste of time, I wasted some time this week watching Hitler parodies on YouTube. Some of them can be hilarious. If you don’t know them they are reposting of one scene from the movie Downfall with the original German dialogue but made up sub titles in English (and other languages; I believe the first one was in Spanish) on various topics. Hitler goes mental at getting banned from X-box, World of Warcraft, getting scammed by 419ers, football results, the Hitler parodies themselves.  As I said, some of them are hilarious, others good and there’s a fair few duff ones too.

I’ll have to see about upgrading Firefox as YouTube is another site not supporting version two anymore. I get a message saying support for that version will be stopping soon every time I visit YouTube.