First of April and all that. Didn’t get caught out by any April fools this year. Not that I’ve noticed much. Spotted a couple online but that’s it. Since Climategate I’m a lot more suspicious of anything I read and take less and less on trust – having said that someone emailed me and said they had millions of pounds waiting to be transferred to my account …

Bought my name again; the dot com, the dot co dot uk seems to be still suspended, even though it ran out at the beginning of the year.

So, another blog. I’ve put WordPress in a folder on my main site and when the dot com is up and running I’ll just get it redirected to the new folder. (Hopefully.)

WordPress is great. I had the blog up and running after about ten minutes. The only problem with it is that you can’t change the user name, and the default user for everyone is called admin. Ergo I have to make sure I’m typing the correct password into the correct admin for the blog. There are now three at the same dot com. I’m trying a new theme there and have made a few test posts with pictures. A couple of glitches but things are alright now. Just have to get pictures to fit into the picture frame in the theme; right now they are being stretched a little.

I’ll have to tinker with the blog a little before it’ll be perfect but it’s looking good. Widgets and plugins have been installed and it’s on the latest version of WordPress from the get go.