Looks like I might have to forego using Firefox 2 and start using the bloated and fault ridden version 3. There have been a few sites lately that have had errors of presentation with Firefox 2 when I visited them (and it took me a couple of attempts to log into Facebook) but have been ok with Internet Explorer when I tested the sites. The main problem is that I use a U3 USB stick rather than run Browsers from my computer; and Firefox 3 isn’t available for U3 at the moment, only as a portable app. Which is something entirely different.

I’ve downloaded a couple of different portable browsers to play around with, and see if any of them are worthy of replacing Firefox.  The only thing is that I’m settled with Firefox; I’m comfortable with it, like it and there are a lot of settings stored such as passwords to sites and forums. I know a browser is basically a browser but they are not all the same.

The Sturgeon complete short stories Volume 12 has turned up and it looks like I haven’t read most of the stories in that volume. They were mostly first printed in ‘Sturgeon is Alive and Well’ which is a book I don’t have in my collection. Don’t know why I never bothered to buy a copy. There’s also an unpublished story in this collection which I made a bee line for.

The Doc Savage book has arrived too, and I’m looking forward to reading his last ever adventure. I’m in two minds about which one to tackle first as the second last one, Return From Cormoral, sounds very interesting too.