I was all set to walk past Waterstone’s today. I’ve spent a lot on books recently and some are still to be read. In fact my to read pile is pretty high now, and in danger of toppling over. Plus I’ve got a paperback to arrive, and I’ve subscribed to CrimeWave with an additional novella still to come.  So, I had already decided that I wouldn’t be tempted by Waterstone’s and not even go into the shop for a browse. However, the buggers are sly.

Passing the shop I noticed through the window that all paperbacks are 3 for 2, even all science fiction paperbacks. So I went in and had a look. They have changed a lot of their stock too. I looked at PK Dick books but there was only Do Androids … which I already have. I remember seeing Rendezvous at Rama by Arthur Clarke some weeks ago and nearly bought it but there was no sign of it this week. None of the Classic SF interested me either. As usual a lot of the SF was actually Fantasy and I’ve never been much into that.

I had a look around the crime and mainstream sections too but there wasn’t much of interest, so I went back to the SF section and bought three Neal Asher books. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read from him so far. So for my three for two I bought Line War, Brass Man and Shadow of the Scorpion. At the moment I’m halfway through an old pulp, The Spider – I got a reprint of two novels from eBay for under a fiver including postage – but I think I’ll let myself sink into one of Asher’s novels afterword.