What happened to August? One minute it was there, all fresh and new, the next it’s almost gone. It has been a really quick month. What makes it even more ironic is that I have done very little of note during the month. I haven’t been online too much – but still managed to clock up half the allocated bandwidth for a month, although that was mostly upgrades of software – and have had little time to do anything else.

Finances are a little to the fore at the moment. I’m trying to cut back on spending everywhere but I did splash out on an upgrade to LifeForms. I visited their website and noticed it had been redesigned since the last time I was there. So, I checked the software. Huzzah, new version out.

I went from version 4 to version 5. I first got a version of this software free from a magazine yonks ago. Last year I purchased the full version and, although it is a great piece of software, version 4 was old and worked best in Windows 98:  it gave some errors in Vista.

The new version has been updated to work well in the newer operating systems but the interface is the same old friendly one I’m familiar with. And the upgrade was very cheap too.

I’m going to look into the blogs I follow and see if I can prune them back a little. It seems some of them I hardly read at the moment. And since I moved to using Google Reader for following blogs I hardly ever comment on blogs now. I pruned the blog list a few months back and although I haven’t added any recently it’s time to look at them again.