October 2010

I had occasion to visit Burntisland today. On eventually finding parking I noticed a bookshop right in front on me. It was a surprise as I didn’t think there were any more second hand book shops left in Fife (excluding St Andrews: that’s a university town – and posh) so as soon as my business was concluded I dove straight over for a gander.

They’re also online, but the picture on the web site doesn’t do it justice. For a start there were books outside, at the door and in front of one of the windows. And they weren’t nicked! Burntisland is your proverbial quaint old town; the roads are very narrow, not having been designed for cars, and the place could fit into the fifties no problem.

The book shop itself is stacked with all sorts – the website says they are strong on SF and Fantasy – and there was a section downstairs also.

I ended up spending £30 on ten books, including a paperback version of Bob Shaw’s The Two Timers. Some of the book prices were quite high – there was a basket with Robert E Howard books that interested me until I opened them up and saw the prices; up to £15 for some paperbacks – but there were also a lot of bargains too.

I got a few books from people I have never heard of: John Sylvester, Master of The World, hard back; Adam Roberts, Polystom, Hardback; John B Spencer, Quake City, Paperback, and some from liked authors: The Best of, Clifford D Simak, paperback, Two Timers, Bob Shaw, paperback, The White Dragon, Anne McCafferey, paperback. The last I’m sure I bought before as the cover looks very familiar.

I’m not sure how long I spend browsing but it must have been at least an hour, and well worth it too.


That my personal blog is down for some reason. It is on the same site as the Bosh Blog and that is fine, dandy and smiling at the world. Ho Hum. More bugs to splat I suppose.

Been inactive with all blogs recently. Not had much time to blog lately, and not much time surfing the web either. But I did come across this via a post at Techdirt (from inside GoogleReader), and it is totally cool. More of this sort of thing should be encouraged.

I was shocked at last week’s ‘release’ of a campaign video by 10:10 called No Pressure. I say ‘release’ as it was withdrawn on the same day they told the world about it. They’ve lost all but one of their sponsors and are getting kicked by both sides for it. I wont link to it as it’s very graphic and probably upsetting, but it can be easily found on the web, youtube and other video sites. There’s all sorts of parodies flying around the web, including a couple of Hitler parodies. It really was a shot in the foot for the green movement.