I had occasion to visit Burntisland today. On eventually finding parking I noticed a bookshop right in front on me. It was a surprise as I didn’t think there were any more second hand book shops left in Fife (excluding St Andrews: that’s a university town – and posh) so as soon as my business was concluded I dove straight over for a gander.

They’re also online, but the picture on the web site doesn’t do it justice. For a start there were books outside, at the door and in front of one of the windows. And they weren’t nicked! Burntisland is your proverbial quaint old town; the roads are very narrow, not having been designed for cars, and the place could fit into the fifties no problem.

The book shop itself is stacked with all sorts – the website says they are strong on SF and Fantasy – and there was a section downstairs also.

I ended up spending £30 on ten books, including a paperback version of Bob Shaw’s The Two Timers. Some of the book prices were quite high – there was a basket with Robert E Howard books that interested me until I opened them up and saw the prices; up to £15 for some paperbacks – but there were also a lot of bargains too.

I got a few books from people I have never heard of: John Sylvester, Master of The World, hard back; Adam Roberts, Polystom, Hardback; John B Spencer, Quake City, Paperback, and some from liked authors: The Best of, Clifford D Simak, paperback, Two Timers, Bob Shaw, paperback, The White Dragon, Anne McCafferey, paperback. The last I’m sure I bought before as the cover looks very familiar.

I’m not sure how long I spend browsing but it must have been at least an hour, and well worth it too.