There is a great viral video going round purporting to be a time traveller using a mobile phone back in 1928. The actual footage is only a few seconds long so kudos to the guy for getting an eight minute video out of it. (The action starts about two and a half minutes in for anyone wishing to skip the waffle.)

It’s highly unlikely it is a time traveller, highly unlikely they are using a mobile phone but it is fun, and a lot of idiots are proving themselves as idiots with comments on various websites, blogs and forums. Of course, the original film would put everything to rest as it would be much higher level of detail than a DVD rip and everything would be seen more clearly.

My theory is that Doc Savage and his crew were in town on a case. Doc and his crew had access to technology decades before the average person; Doc inventing most of it. Their adventures officially began in 1931 but they knew each other long before this, and no doubt were involved in lots of scrapes before the magazine hit the newsstands. This one involved Monk having to put on women’s clothing to avoid detection while he trailed someone, no doubt reporting back to Doc, Ham, Renny, Long Tom or Johnny via two way radio. Only Monk finds himself going past the premier of Charlie Chaplin’s new movie, The Circus, where a cameraman is filming.

I was involved in the great broadband drop at the weekend. I couldn’t access the world wide wobbly on Friday but all was restored on Saturday morning. BT’s Edinburgh data centre went puff and apparently this caused the central belt of Scotland, parts of Yorkshire and parts of Northern Ireland to be denied access to the internet.

Bought H.P. Lovecraft Omnibus 2 after reading a review of one of his stories. That particular story isn’t in the collection but it’s a reasonable collection: pretty much a three in one. There’s the main bulk of short stories, some early work and fragments and finally Lovecraft’s legendary non fiction piece about horror in literature, which is practically novel length in itself. I’ve read a couple of the stories before but got into a few and they’re ok, though not spectacular. The good thing is that a lot of the stories are short, six to ten pages. Good for dipping into regularly.