Nothing from AOL at all, not a peep, not a sausage. So I have signed up with Madasafish and now I have broadband with them; on the same terms as I was “getting” with AOL, £9.99 a month for the first six months then £14.99 a month. I have a five gigabyte cap per month but with the amount of time I spend on the internet I’ll be really surprised if I go over it during any given month. I do have software that requires quite big downloads when upgrading; Lightwave, Quidam (effectively a new program every update) and Antics and the content packs that it comes with, but I wouldn’t see me going over the limit even then.

I’ve sent a letter to AOL, and will follow that up with an email. I would telephone them too but the fact of the matter there is that you are dealing with someone from the Indian sub continent whose first language is not English and who is more than likely on bonuses to get you to sign up for something: customer service is not their priority.